Aszinkron hálózati alkalmazás tervezése és fejlesztése Androidban

OData támogatás
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Hálózati Rendszerek és Szolgáltatások Tanszék

Programming asynchronous applications is often harder than a sequential, single threaded application and is even more so in a mobile environment. In this thesis, the essentials of asynchronous programming in Android platform is introduced and studied by building an application that uses several third party services such as Facebook and Parse to send and retrieve data over the network. Common pitfalls and memory leak issues are shown and their solutions are presented. During the execution of an asynchronous operation on an Android device, many events could happen which can interrupt or halt the execution or cause a loss of state. Realizing and handling such events in a meaningful and correct way is discussed. Additionally, the way to schedule tasks to be executed at some time in future is also shown and discussed. To demonstrate all points, an app named RoadTrip is designed and implemented which features Facebook Authentication, GPS sensor monitoring, usage of Google Maps, use of a backend as a service named Parse and push notifications.

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