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The goal of my thesis project is to develop and implement a maintainable and testable software

for mobile robotic vehicles because these vehicles depend on reliability, robustness, and

Security of the control software. To reach that goal I studied the currently used robotic software

moreover, presented its main drawbacks; then I proposed a system architecture which can replace the

previously used software by a higher effectivity, much more straightforward and extendable


First I learned some background about the microcontroller, and the board used, knowing their

components and features, working with the modules in a separate C project using

STM32CubeMX for the configuration of the modules, the System Workbench for STM32

to work on the projects there and the HAL library to use the appropriate API functions of each

module, then knowing about FreeRTOS and learn how to use it which was the essential part

moreover, the key to my thesis work, next moving to organize the work by creating a class architecture

of the project, so like that the creation of each task according to the module added will be much

simpler and save us much time and effort.

Next, I tested the software and checked its efficiency and usability, by testing the accelerometer

and Pushbutton modules using the pre-emptive scheduler within the FreeRTOS. Finally, I

concluded the thesis work and how successful was my work.

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