Autóvezetést támogató alkalmazás tervezése és fejlesztése Android platformon

OData támogatás
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Hálózati Rendszerek és Szolgáltatások Tanszék

The thesis paper is about designing and developing an android application that serves as communication platform between vehicles and exchanging information that is provided through the OBD ( a Bluetooth device that servers as a data source of the vehicle information). The project is done in cooperation with other faculty departments that provided a platform called VehicleICT to facilitates the communication among server-client-OBD. The application is the client side of the communication and depends on the features provided by the VehicleICT to get the information from the OBD and the Server and analyze it to realize a vehicle to vehicle communication. The project main idea is a “convoy “ and is accomplished by starting up a convoy and adding other application users to the convoy .The project provides an easy to handle GUI with a Google Map that show the users current position and vehicle information as well as the information of any other member that is added to the convoy List. The user would be able to see all the members of the convoy List on the map. It also provide small pre-programmed message exchange to all members of the convoy. To develop the Android application Eclipse was used as well as another android platform called Android Studio. The project uses Google Maps services to provide a well developed interface and FacebookSDK as an authentication portal to the application. In the testing process we used both python and JSON to write information to the servers database and see how the application reacts to it. The project targeted a “Road Trip between friends" concept as a first development of the application but the application has a big room to grow and be implemented in different fields such as taxi companies, and ultimately truck convoys with features such as analyzing the received information to optimize the vehicles resources and get to the destination in a faster and cheaper way.

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