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OData támogatás
Varga Lajos
Szélessávú Hírközlés és Villamosságtan Tanszék

In ideal radio communication systems the information is transmitted in an error-free manner. Real systems, however, induce errors in the transmitted data.

Channel coding is a means to insert a controlled amount of redundancy in the transmitted data stream. The redundant information may be exploited by the receicer to detect or eliminate the errors.

The main subject of my thesis is the investigation of channel coding methods within a communication framework. My tasks included the creation of BER/SNR relations for a multitude of digital modulations, channel models and channel coding methods.

During the preparation of this thesis I learned about the structure of digital communication systems, created a simulation framework capable of simulating channel coding methods and I also tested the sistem with multiple simulation runs.

The simulation framework was prepared in accordance with the software development principles of embedded systems, therefore parts of my software can be easily transferred to an embedded hardware environment.

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