IEEE 802.11ad szabványú adó implementálása és szimulálása

OData támogatás
Csuka Barna
Szélessávú Hírközlés és Villamosságtan Tanszék

According to the evolution of technology, wireless comunication user and devices are rapidly increasing and they require high throughput and better quality. To meet the needs of users, Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) provides 802.11ad-2012. It is relatively uncongestive unlicensed 60GHz band with 2.16GHz bandwidth. It provides high speed up to 7GHz and usage of small size antenna because of short wavelength. To achieve high data rate wireless communication, accurate channel estimation and compensation are needed since there are interferences by multipath fading, frequency offset and noise. In this paper, I will elaborate and implement blocks that are required for transmission encoding according to the 802.11ad-2012 standard. From these blocks, simulator also will be implemented in MATLAB. Thereafter, we will investigate the channel imperfection and implement corresponding models. As a result, we will be able to observe the effect of impurities of channel by simulating the models with simulator.

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