IoT applications in medical treatments

OData támogatás
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Távközlési és Médiainformatikai Tanszék

Health care industry is using more and more Internet of Things (IoT) applications in order to reduce human dependency and associated errors. Although IoT medical applications have a long way to go and to be included in everyday life of people, but current applications focusing on improving health services and even providing treatment and early diagnosis for some critical diseases.

In this thesis the task is to create an IoT application that helps to analyze a medical treatment and rehabilitation process of a patient. Sensors will be connected to a limb in order to measure position of a limb, this method also can be used to measure the limb rotation.

The information (rotation of a limb) from implemented sensors worn by patients will be collected and then analysis will happen on the cloud. This way physician can reach the data via internet and can follow the analysis.

Sensors will be used to improve collecting data, and analyzing the movement by the applied solution may correct the treatments.

habilitation process of people with handicap is only one of the many applications of Wireless Body Area Network. A wireless network means small interdependent sensor nodes which is called WSN (wireless sensor network). It’s a proper solution to be used in rehabilitation process and this way human errors, health care cost will be decreased, also it affects the time which a health professional spend for each patient. Using sensors provides opportunity to track patients’ improvement everyday even at home and doing exercise can become a routine easily.

The user interface of this application is done by Unity3d Gem Engine in order to have the possibility of gaming.

In this project I used SocketIO module and used socket massages for communication between client and server side. By using Amazon cloud server, the rotation data will be collected and analyzed in real-time. This specific IoT application is useful for patients and escalating any rehabilitation procedure.

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