Közvetlen kommunikáció a jövő mobil hálózataiban

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Dr. Fazekas Péter
Hálózati Rendszerek és Szolgáltatások Tanszék

D2D communication seems to be one answer to growing demands for future mobile and wireless communication systems. D2D offer higher data rates due to the short distance between the D2D pair. D2D communication is also energy efficient as no data communication via Base Station (BS), and thus the traffic loads of BS decreases.

There exist several unsolved problem connected with D2D most of common problems include distance distribution in networks, minimization of interference between the user types. Offload and overloaded cells. Which mode would be more effective for transmission, D2D or conventional cellular mode? So far, D2D for 5G networks is standard for third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Releases 12, D2D has great expectation for future development.

In following paper, I will consider all this issues and try to define what mode is appropriate for different scenarios. Using Mathlab simulation. I will try to define theoretically if D2D communication is beneficial in macro cells. I will try to define a model that enables the evaluation of performance of device-to-device mobile networks. Using arbitrary programming languages to simulate and test my approach, in area in which D2D mode can be optimal and will satisfy main objective of the network. My work will include following:

 Description of D2D direct mode communication, using scientific literature. Identifying main advantage and disadvantage of given approach. Defining possible benefits and drawbacks and categorization of different scenarios.

 Defining solutions for D2D communication problem using existing standards and systems.

 Implementing theoretical knowledge in practice, using Matlab for modeling and building simulation scenario.

 Running simulations and evaluation of simulation results of D2D communication. Analyzing numerical results and simulation process.

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