Látható fény alapú kommunikáció alkalmazása helytudatos IoT alkalmazásokban

OData támogatás
Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Szélessávú Hírközlés és Villamosságtan Tanszék

The current technology of positioning systems, such as Global Positioning System (GPS) are widely available in many devices in the market nowadays and it has brought the possibility to know our location and the location of any devices in outdoor environments around the world. It is difficult to imagine our lives without the benefits of this technology when tracing routes throughout the streets and roads, for example.

However, considering the positioning inside public or private places, it is not possible to visualize the same scenario. For instance, inside buildings, metro stations, factories, sheds and other places the GPS does not have the same accuracy as outside or it does not work with the same reliability. In indoor environments some positioning methods exist, but these technologies are not so popular and are limited by accuracy, cost and user friendliness.

This is the reason why Visible Light Communication (VLC) prospects a good solution for indoor localizations systems, where the same source of light might be used for illumination, communication and positioning through the modulation of LEDs.

In addition, the development of a VLC based localization system is challenging because it deals with many aspects which are not standardized or widespread y . t and might be key factors for the success of the technology. For example: energy efficiency, precision of the positioning system, multiplexing techniques, susceptibility to external interferences and so on.

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