Levest kanalazó robotkar mozgásásnak irányítása mozgássérültek etetéséhez

OData támogatás
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Irányítástechnika és Informatika Tanszék

The title of the project is ‘Design and Development of Assistance Robot system for Korean Meal’. There are a lot of handicapped people in the world who cannot eat some food themselves. Besides, the assistance robots which already exist such as “Care Meal” and “Meal Buddy” are fit for Western food. Generally, the character between Western and Korean food is different because rice, staple food in Korea, is sticky and herbs are difficult to eat with a spoon. So, it is mainly aimed to helping Korean handicapped people to eat Korean food My team concentrated on analyzing advantages and disadvantages of existing similar robots and making new assistant robots for Korean food. There are two arms which held spoon and gripper of the robot. The operation scenario is that the gripper arm grips food which the user wants, it puts food on the spoon, and the spoon arm delivers food to the mouth of the user. The point is how smoothly and accurately the robot serves food from food tray to the mouth of the user. The number of motors is 9 to move the gripper arm and the spoon arm. My main task in the term was to control the spoon arm serving meals. In thesis, I will introduce a motor controller and the mechanism of the assistant robot in details. The way a user inputs data to the assistant robot and how 9 motors operate to execute the instructions are also presented.

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