Megfogóval ellátott robotkar mozgásának irányítása mozgásérültek etetéséhez

OData támogatás
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Irányítástechnika és Informatika Tanszék

This project is about the robot which can feed handicapped people who have a problem when they eat food. The existing assistance robots for serving meal are mainly suitable for western style food as opposed to Korean dishes. For example, comparing to a western meal menu, Korean food is sometimes in special or weird shape and also highly sticky. Our analysis shows that existing feeding robots should be adapted or new ones need to be implemented. Our goal is to develop a robot that can comfortable serve both Western food and Korean dishes. Our feeding robot has two arms. The first moves a spoon and the other end in a gripper. If the patient eats soup only the arm with the spoon is used. In case of solid food such as side dish and rice, the gripper is going to pick up a piece of food first and then pass it to the spoon so that the spoon will present to the patient. This robot has a total number of nine motors, four motors built in to the spoon arm and five motors in gripper arm. The user interface of the system is realized on a mobile device running an android operation system. The application running on the mobile device connects to the robot controller unit through a Bluetooth wireless link. Manual mode is also foreseen for cases where a communication error occurs. Our team consisted of six students. Among them, I was in charge of the development of the gripper arm and making a mobile application which can send commands to robot controller. For the motor control, Arduino for OPENCM was used and I used App inventor 2 to make the application which is capable to communicate on Bluetooth.

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