Modern felhasználói felület tervezése otthonautomatizálási rendszerhez

OData támogatás
Schulcz Róbert
Hálózati Rendszerek és Szolgáltatások Tanszék

Home Automation is one of the most important applications of IoT – Internet of Things. It provides a much easier and leisure living for all of us. This thesis project presents a study on the most popular smart home solutions and their related technologies, and a deeper analyzation on the two popular solutions – Loxone and Home Assistant.

The main tasks would be, after the investigations of the most popular smart home solutions – which are Loxone, Home Assistant, SamSung SmartThings, Wink Hub and Node-RED, a chosen one - Loxone will be deeply analyzed in its UX / UI design.

This task should point out the advantages and disadvantages of the application’s functions and interfaces. From that, a list of guidelines should be proposed for the detailed process of the redesign – for both web and mobile versions of Loxone. The new design should solve the remaining problems of the current version: old-fashioned UI, complicated to use, time-consuming in finding a function in a long list, complicated buttons etc. The tools for designing the UI will be Balsamiq – for sketching the frames, and then Adobe Photoshop – to complete the whole design as a real application, for both web and mobile interfaces. After that, the new design should be compared with the original one, to find out what problems have been solved and not. Finally, summarizing the results and further work’ areas will also be proposed.

The hallmark of this project is to redesign a modern UX / UI for an old-fashioned, bad UI home automation solution, which can both satisfy the simplicity but effective visions and functions, giving users the best experiences while using a smart home device anytime.

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