Műholdkövető állomás antennavezérlőjének tervezése és fejlesztése

OData támogatás
Kovács Zoltán György
Elektronikus Eszközök Tanszéke

The space missions are contributing to increase the knowledge of the universe, the material used in to build each of the components of any space mission, the experiments carried out and the protocols developed are directly translated to the improvement of the living standards in the Earth.

In each space mission two main components can be found, the satellite and the ground station, where the main part is the antenna. This antenna is formed by the most advanced materials and the best position algorithms to govern the antenna.

The scope of this thesis was to research, develop and test a system that was able to control the rotation of an antenna, protect the system and control the subsystems that can be found in it. The solution created was tested and was able to meet the requirements of controlling a motor and of protecting the system. Along with the previous requirements it was also created and implemented a set of mathematical equations to translate the movements from an Azimuth/elevation pedestal to a X-Y pedestal.

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