Többesadás címzési módszerek MPLS hálózatokban

OData támogatás
Dr. Tapolcai János
Távközlési és Médiainformatikai Tanszék

Efficient multicast addressing is a highly desired missing service in current transport networks. Stateless addressing is a strong candidate solution for multicast. Furthermore, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is popular and widely deployed network architecture, mainly because of its great scalability and QoS Support. In this project, a stateless multicast addressing in MPLS network has been proposed. The goal is to encode the multicast forwarding tree into the small fixed length MPLS labels which provides a novel addressing scheme without need to update states in the nodes and with the advantages of MPLS architecture.

Furthermore, as mobile computer operating systems and virtual machines usage grows, the need to have a programmable and active network increased. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a step forward to this evolution. OpenFlow which is an enabler of SDN is a way for researchers to run and test their experimental protocols in the real network they use every day. The newly introduced addressing scheme is compatible with OpenFlow.

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