2,5D platformer game development with Unity3D

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Dr. Magdics Milán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Every year, mobile games are getting a bigger and bigger portions from the revenue of the game industry. This can be traced back to multiple reasons: while a few years ago smartphones were considered a unique, advanced technology only understood by the younger generations, nowadays most people already have a smartphone or a tablet for personal use, and the applications and games target an extremely wide audience. At the same time, the hardware used by mobile devices is getting stronger exponentially each year.

The subject of my thesis is the development of a 2,5-dimensional platformer game for mobile devices in Unity3D environment. This game already has a prototype, that I implemented during my 6-week internship for Android platform. One of the main advantages of the development process with Unity3D is the cross-platform nature of the environment - if implemented correctly, most of the code written in C# can be re-used across multiple platforms. Since taking advantage of this capability simulates realistic industrial use very well, I find it particularly important to utilise this Unity feature; therefore the game will run on Android and iOS platforms as well.

I begin my dissertation with introducing the Unity3D game engine very shortly and on a high level, and then I will begin the development process by setting up the iOS development environment. Before I begin the development process using my existing prototype as a starting point, I will pay particular attention to outline the current state of the game to ensure that the work done during my internship and my thesis can be differentiated sharply. After this, I will mark the main objectives of the development process clearly and outline the intermediate steps, and then I will gradually and in detail cover the design principles, the development processes and every problem that comes up while working. During the implementation I will pay particular attention to problems related to the cross-platform development process (if I encounter any).


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