3D visualizer for StratOnAut strategic game

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Student competitions are getting more and more important every year. The companies are looking for candidates that have experience with technologies and are energic, so they are fresh out from the university. StratOnAut is a project that offers competitors the chance to improve their programming knowledge in a mild programming race where the participants create artificial intelligence players to fight in a round based strategy game. The one who stays alive the longest, wins.

This thesis covers the complex process of creating the 3D display part of StratOnAut’s own framework. It includes 3D basics, techniques and technologies that were used or was considered during the development. It discusses Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio in a bigger scale, because the main work was done using this technology. You can also find explanation of the architectural conceptions, the communication principles and programming paradigms that had defining effect on the work. Additionally, it even containts different possible solutions for dynamic terrain generation. It includes the Diamond-Square algorithm, that was used to create the terrain generating logic of this game.


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