Game development with 3D motion sensors for Playstation Move

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Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Game controlling with motion sensor controllers are one of the fastest developing area of the videogame industry. Even the mobile phones are capable of some kind of motion tracking; usually it senses the changes in the tilt of the device, and there is a lot of game which uses this feature. But actually there are only three significant products in this area. The first was the Nintendo Wii and a couple of years later came the Sony Move and the Microsoft Kinect.

Our team’s goal was to explore this area of the game industry, so we decided to create a videogame, which uses one of the famous controllers. We chose the Sony Move, mainly because of its preciseness. There was an extra challenge in the development, because there is no official driver for Sony Move for Windows, so we used an open source driver, which is great because we could examine how this kind of a program looks like.

One of my tasks was to create an emulator, to accelerate the game development. An emulator enables to develop without a real device, but with a keyboard and a mouse. It’s even possible to emulate multiple controllers.

In the implementation of the game were a lot of technologies involved. For example for rendering we used OGRE, for physics PhsyX, for scripting Lua. Creating a real time videogame in 3D, with physics requires a lot of knowledge and skill, so much more than we could earn in the last semester, but we tried to create the best we could.

The result of the development is a simple game that could be a good tutorial for anyone who interested in the game development with Sony Move. At first look, the game seems like a not too complicated thing, but actually there is a “powerful” engine behind the scenes. We developed the game to be configurable and flexible; it can be changed even without the modification of the code.

During the development process we encountered with the most important parts of the game development. My work collects the experiences that I achieved during the exploration of this quite interesting area.


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