Coupling 6 DOF force-torque sensor to Mitsubishi robot

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Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The task is to interface a 6 DOF force-torque sensor to a Mitsubishi MELFA RV-3SDB robotic arm, and the construction of the control electronics with the necessary force-torque limitations and protections. The control electronics should be able to measure the sensor data and send it to a PC or transmit to any embedded control systems (in this case a BeagleBoard xM).

This work describes the design of a microcontroller based interface and sensor control electronic that will be able to communicate with a host PC, a BeagleBoard xM, or nearly any kind of process control systems using CAN or Profibus.

The first chapter summarizes the purpose and main requirements of the interface board and some of the connected previous works.

The second chapter explains all the sub problems associated with the aforementioned requirements, and describes several alternative solutions.

The system plan along with the actual hardware implementation details are explained in the third chapter.

The fourth chapter deals with the mechanical design and shows the finished prototype circuit board layout.

The fifth chapter contains the software plan and implementation details of all the software needed to accomplish the task. Namely, the firmware of the interface board, then the PC based communication and test program, and the communication handler routines for the BeagleBoard can be found here. This chapter also contains the explanations of each standard and proprietary communication protocols.

The sixth chapter deals with the testing and integration of the designed system.

Finally, some possible further development opportunities are shown.


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