8 input and 8 output 3GSDI matrix

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of my thesis is to develop the software running on STM32 microcontroller of the Lightware Ltd.’s 8 input, 8 output video matrix, which can switch and route SDI video signals.

During the completion of the task I got acquainted with the standards of SDI signals which allow high speed transmission of serial digital videos. I am going to present these standards in this document. After getting known the possibilities of the hardware and testing, measuring it I made the specification of the software, on the basis of which I implemented the source code.

It was important that the firmware matches the software architecture and the operation of the company’s existing products. It is essential from the point of view of the matrix’s operation that, in case of external genlock signal present, switching between inputs must be synchronized to genlock signal and performed in the time interval defined by standards. Greater emphasis was given to the error handling and the tracing of events and errors, since in this product the error log is stored in EEPROM as a cost effective solution.

After implementing the software, I made the embedded website of the device. The test of the finished product was performed, instructions for series production of the device were made.


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