Comparision of JavaServer Faces and Spring MVC

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the beginning, the web used to downloading only static contents, but later was released on the need to prepare and serve dynamic content. In order to satisfy the onset of new kind of concepts, it needed to solve a number of problems with the existing tools, which occurred quite often, and more of these problems are indeed exclusively limited to the presentation layer. It was not different either the Java world, therefore it has become necessary to develop those technologies, which transported solution these duties quickly and easily. Among other things, these results established a number of alternatives web application framework, which can be used to interchangeably of each other, and between them the choice is not always evident. The various web frameworks show many differences compared to each other, many times focus on different aspects and follow a completely different directions. However, these technologies are constantly developing and it is not uncommon if sometimes will take over the delivered solutions to the problems of each other.

The BSc thesis is therefore using two web frameworks, which are highly popular and used in the industry, and developing a web application where the frontend module separately relying on each web framework. So given the opportunity to made the comparison for the two chosen web framework, based on the experience gained during the development process.


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