The application of the Microsoft Robotics Studio

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The application of Microsoft Robotics Studio can be an exciting area of the civil engineering. With the help of this we can get acquainted with the programming of robots, and we can do a wider insight of the world of robots.

First we need the theoretical base, in order to we can understand, why are the robots necessary in daily life. It is worthy to start the historical overview from the evolution of robots until the robots of present-day. The other important thing, in order to we understand the operation of robots. The studying of the build-up and different types of robots can we help in this purpose.

Similarly we must study the Microsoft Robotics Studio. This developer environment contain many possibilities. The deeper acquirement of usage we need the wider knowledge of build-up and moduls. We have a chance to overview the special programming method and the simulation possibility. With a few examples can we observe the possibilities of the simulation surface.

In the next chapter we get acquainted with a concrete robot hardware, what we will use later. This hardware is the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot. We get acquainted with the possibilities of the robot in every detail, and also with the build-up of the robot. We study the attributions and the functions of the component parts.

In the next chapter we build a LEGO TriBot modell, what we will programming with the help of Microsoft Robotics Studio. We analyse step by step the functions of the program code as well as the concrete realization.

In the last chapter are a few interesting examples from how can people use the LEGO robots and Microsoft Robotics Studio in every days.


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