Possible extension of Czech-Slovak-Hungarian market coupling

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The organized electricity markets and power exchanges for market participants provides a trading opportunity where specified products are mostly limited hours the next day to engage in electricity trading.

The power exchanges linking the liberalization of markets in the next stage, which is in addition to the increase in revenue for the operators, can take advantage of better cross-border capacities.

In this paper I compare the Hungarian, Polish and Romanian power exchanges of products, prices and other important aspects. A comparison of the three exchange actuality is, as will be the future of the Polish and Romanian stock exchange is connected to the Czech - Slovak -Hungarian power exchanges of market coupling.

The first part of the thesis I present the organized electricity market in general. In the second part I present the market - coupling. After comparing the three power exchanges as important aspects of the market coupling. In addition, presented in the Polish Power Exchange and Nordpool market - coupling. Finally, the Hungarian and the Romanian current stock price - based market coupling are presented, the program offers submitted on a given day can help you find the department can help.


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