Comparison of manual and software lightning protection risk analysis

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the previous semester, within the framework of the Independent Laboratory Course, I was able to familiarize myself with the basics of lightning protection risk analysis.

The calculation required a very long and often complicated calculation on the basis of the standard.

Nowadays, there are already pre-written software that simplifies the everyday planning of engineers. Therefore I would like to find and discover as many such software as possible.

In addition, I would like to see how reliable the lightning protection software is, how much it is in line with Hungarian standards and legislation. To do this, I want to do as many risks analyzes as possible with both hands and programs.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, very diverse buildings and constructions have been made so far and will continue to be the case, so it is impossible to be checked these programs in all sizes with all inputs in all types. That is why I had to narrow the scope of my comparison. As a prospective beginner, it is best to move from simpler to more difficult planning tasks. Therefore, I will do there search here with the simpler structures, and I will change the basic data of office buildings. Even so, there are still many variables that need to be verified, but since the task is simplified, so I can see this circle with much greater certainty as to whether the programs are reliable.

In my dissertation, I first describe concepts and phenomena related to the formation of lightning strikes, then I outline the standard steps of the lightning protection risk analysis and present the detailed treatment of the programs I use. After that I gather my experiences, summarize and evaluate the results. This is how I would like to help myself and the lightning protection engineers.


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