Supervisory controller design for an AGV system

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

State-of-the-art manufacturing systems often use autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) for the displacement of parts or finished products. Beside the mobile platforms, guidance tracks and the central control unit of the system are of paramount importance.

This thesis presents the development of an educational purpose AGV system using inductive guidance. The task fulfilled includes the design of the excitation circuitry for the guidance system, development of a one-way communication protocol over the guidance tracks and also the implementation of the software system for the central control unit.

First part of the thesis presents design aspects of the excitation circuitry and the proposed solutions. Along with the excitation circuitry, development of segment driver modules and the method used for obtaining position feedback are also detailed.

Second part of the thesis details the realization of a simplex data transfer protocol between the central unit and the mobile platforms. Using the guidance tracks as physical layer, circuitry and software modules of a Modbus-based communication solution are elaborated.

The thesis also presents the development of the software modules for the central control station. By using a PLC equipped with a graphical panel, design aspects of both the core logic control system and the human-machine interface are given in details.


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