Specification of an ASP.NET component generator

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The trends in software developement show that the number of modular structured applications is growing. Especially in large, complex webapplications. The result product is made of loosely coupled system components that are easily replaced, making the applications more transparent.

The SOAL framework was made for the demand for simple, concise description and modeling of these modules (and their relationships), bearing in mind the extension options. One of these options is to generate actually used web-application modules from the elements described in this manner.

Consequently, the task was the specification and implementation of a component generator, which creates ASP .NET components from SOAL elements, including the relationships of the generated modules. Thus the frame of an arbitrarily complex system can be generated only by defining the components.

The aim of the thesis is to present the SOAL language and framework, to demonstrate the ASP .NET framework and to define the mapping between them. Besides an ASP .NET MVC example application will be presented that serves as a sample of the generator’s output. Furthermore the dissertation shows the design and implementation steps of the generator.


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