Development of a social website for creating and maintaining Tracking Protection Lists.

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Web sites are advertising boards by nature, so web pages usually embed contents from 3rd party sites, to whom personal informations are provided (address of the web page currently browsed, IP address, etc).

A new technology called ’Tracking Protection List’ – introduced in the latest, 9th version of Internet Explorer - let users to make decisions concerning their online privacy. There are plenty of tracking protection lists out there already maintained by different corporations and organizations, but there is an absence of a hungarian related list for hungarian users mainly.

The main focus of the thesis is to design and implement a social web application that aids the creation, maintenance and usage of tracking protection lists for the community.

The thesis reviews the evolution of the Internet, the role and goal of online ads and tracking. After introducing the other ways of tracking protection, the thesis focuses on the technology behind tracking protection lists.

The theoretical parts are followed by the practical ones. The specification, architectural and design questions, implementation steps are all well discussed.

As a conclusion, my work is evaluated and summerized, and a few possibilities are enumerated for optional future work.


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