Design and implementation of a repository of digitally signed objects

OData support
Dr. Buttyán Levente
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of the work is the implementation of a repository for digitally signed objects.

The report discusses the importance of such repositories and presents already existing systems with similar intentions. Digitally signed objects are presented in length and are of the following types: Portable Executable formatted files, Java archives and digital certificates.

This document shows a possible design and implementation of the repository using Python language and the corresponding modules. The base of the repository is a MySQL database which contains all information needed for operation. The pre-processing unit is responsible for inserting data using already existing modules for handling above mentioned signed objects. Information is used by a web application which provides information for searcher users. A third module has been implemented as well: registered users may specify filter conditions for signed objects. If a newly processed object satisfies these conditions, the user is alerted by email.


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