Development of data aquisition circuit with interfacing to Android platform

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis is a presentation of a measuring device that can inform the user about meteorological parameters of a certain environment. This tool is able to gauge the temperature and the solar radiation intensity. The unit can record values for several days, so it is capable of presenting statistics. By a Bluetooth module, it sends the parameters to a mobile device, if the user wants to query the data collector hardware. The application on the mobile set establishes the connection with the Bluetooth module, indicates the received values, and shows the series of measurement on a graph.

The thesis explicitly covers the design and the theoretical background of the hardware unit. It presents the features of the components used and their fitting in the circuit.

The firmware running on the data collector device is also an extensive part of the work. In addition to the building of the hardware unit program, the details of the Bluetooth module programming can also be found in my thesis.

For the implementation of the mobile application, it was necessary to learn about the Android platform and it’s Bluetooth API. The related summaries and the exact structure of the application are also integral parts of the thesis.

In the documentation, there are several photographs, illustrations and screenshots to give the most accurate presentation of the data collector device. Aside from the above points, there are also some information about problems during the design and further development and expansion opportunities.


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