Implementing Data Integration in a Cloud-based Music Metadata Platform

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are a lot of musical metadatabases on the internet but the services they provide are very different in quality and detail and often contains mistakes and typos. Nowadays music and musical metadata is available everywhere online, but to organize their collection it would be important for the music lovers to get metadata from a reliable, easily accessable-source.

With that in mind, this project’s goal was to create a service that can integrate existing metadata providers’ content into a schema and maintain it’s data. Therefore I created a cloud based metadatabase with a web service. A client is connected to it which shows the database’s content for the users.

The program is written in C#, uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud service, which communicates with the WPF based client on Web API. The external datasource is MusicBrainz but the database is ready to be expanded with other sources too.

The finished service could become the back-end of a cloud based music player where users can like contents and make playlists to create their own musical profile.


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