Data management in CMS based enterprise warehousing systems

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays warehouse management is becoming an important aspect of the life of companies. The warehouse management systems are a key element of the supply chain. Their main task is the management of goods and materials and the monitoring of movement between warehouses. Other functions are managing multiple warehouses at once, administering receipts and orders, receiving and moving materials and inventory management.

The aim of this paper is to plan and develop the database layer of a warehouse management system. First the paper will cover the existing warehouse management systems, and then continue with a survey of the available technologies that can be used for development. The application will be able to support the different management functions and display historical data through a reporting service.

The paper presents a generic database schema which can support the management of multiple types of warehouses. The data structure allows multiple warehouses with hierarchical set-up and support the movement of goods between these. The goods and materials are also stored in a generic schema which allows an arbitrary number of different elements to be stored regardless of its parameters.

On top of all this the system has a reporting service attached to it. This consist of a data warehouse and an application for report display. With these the historical data can be retained and shown in an informative manner.


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