Building a data warehouse with relating business intelligence functionality

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Data warehousing and relating business intelligence technologies are a comprehensive, analytical business decision supporting and modelling methods and applications to make high-level decisions easier for the business users. That is the reason why most companies have integrated some kind of data warehousing and decision supporting to their system and this kind of integration have appeared in Hungary as well.

The first research regarding data warehouses started in the 60’s when the dimension modelling first appeared in the white papers. However it was not until the end of the 80’s that companies all around the world showed interest in data warehousing. The first project in Hungary was launched in 1997 at the Hungarian telecommunication company.

Even though we live in a global economic decline (Great Recession), data warehousing is still a popular topic all over the world and produces considerable increase in percentage every year. Consequently, this field is the second most popular in the IT sector competing with smartphones and virtualization technologies.

While writing this thesis I already worked for 3 years with databases as a software developer. During that time I had the opportunity to be on projects working on data warehouses and business intelligence applications as well. For the past year I have successfully passed 3 Microsoft exams with good results and taken part in 4 university courses regarding data warehouses which deepened both my theoretical and practical knowledge of the topic. That is the reason why I have chosen it as my diploma thesis.

The thesis is about how I built a data warehouse for a Hungarian insurance company in which I took part from the requirement specification till the handover. Though this project started as a company project in which I participated in every section of the development process, I chose to reimplement the whole data warehouse from the beginning by myself with using the latest technologies available. This reimplementation happened 9 months after the successful handover. My approach takes different path in the course of the development, using different technologies and applications. But in the end, both system will serve the same data in nearly the same data structure.


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