Data visualization on Android devices

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

For the human mind it is easier to interpret the visualised data or graphical representation of any information compared to its textual representation. It can be much easier to explore the collerations and trends on a chart than reading it from a table.

For desktop computers several software solutions exist, that are capable for interactive exploratory data analysis, even on large amounts of data.

The situation is different for the mobile devices. They are less suitable for running operations that require much computing power, but they are very suitable for interactive data visualisation. Nevertheless, a general-purpose data visualization application is not available on this platform.

The goal of my thesis is to explore the possibilities of the implementation of a general-purpose data visualization system for Android platform, both in terms of the related technologies and the potential of the operating system.

My task is to design and implement a simple working application that makes possible the visualisation of arbitrary data series using interactive charts. It should be also capable of displaying the results of operations on a remote analysis server.


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