Developing an administrative system to aid business processes of small companies

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Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days, regarding the number of various computer based system and smart devices, we can observe a continous increase. This trend prevails in the field of trade, where the small companies start to discover the advantages and opportunities which the different systems can provide. For these companies the unique solutions are the better choice compared to the robust and complex systems that are already on the market. The scope of my thesis is to create an unique system that allows a small company to handle the administrative and some specialized tasks, which may occur in the company’s daily lives.

In pursuance of my work, I familiarized myself with the .NET and Android platforms, and the opportunities provided by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service, then I developed a system that provide useful and well usable functions to handle administrative and specialized tasks on different platforms. In my thesis I give detailed informations about the architectural decisions and design steps, present the relevant technologies and demonstrate the implementation part of the applications. I provide an overview of the opportunities provided by the Azure Cloud Services and with specific implementation I demonstrating their applicability and benefits. In the last part I close my work with an evaluation and describe the possible areas of further development of the system.

In my thesis I pass my experiences what I got during the development, which can be instructive for the other applications in the similar topic. The technologies, frameworks, technical solutions and the special implemented functions can serve as a good starting point for similar applications.


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