The use of GIS tools in optimization task modelling

OData support
Dr. Kovács Kálmán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My paper is completed at the Department of Networked Systems and Services (HIT) within Information Technology engineer specialization. My case study is a modeling job which must be solved by using Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques for a given optimization task.

The aim of my work is to introduce the increasingly popular GIS modeling through a current theme, in a groundbreaking approach. My particular topic is an examination of the 30 year old half marathon race which has become known by mixing healthy lifestyle and professional running sport. I used the modeling process to search for the answer how to optimize the number and distribution (position) of freshment stations during the race.

The right GIS model can be made if data collection, data storage, data processing and data visualization systems are designed accurately. The model and the evaluation of the results are presented by an own-developed C++ software. This software is able to visualize the half maraton race in a two-dimensional simulation.


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