Design of active short-wave monopole antenna

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Szűcs László
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

My thesis reveals the method of designing an active monopole antenna which can operate in the shortwave range, and this device how can be the basis of a system to scan a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Chapter 1 introduces to the basis of the behaviour of monopol antennas, and the statements will be proved with simulations too.

In chapter 2 I will optimize the passive part of the antenna, and I will give a model what is available to use further to demonstrate the operation of the antenna.

In chapter 3 I will show the steps how can design and realize an amplifier circuit connected to the passive antenna device. Throughout the defining the operating conditions, assemble the amplifier and the rodantenna.

And then in chapter 4 I will scheme two measurement methods to calculate the antenna factor of the instrument.

And the last part of the thesis chapter 5 is about how will be the part of a cheap A/D converter-used system the designed antenna. What is the optimal resolution which can earn with this equipment.


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