Implementation of cloud based storage client for web and desktop environments

OData support
Hartung István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the cloud computing technologies have gained more and more ground. The significance of these technologies is that the user operates files, softwares, services which physically are neither on our computer, nor on a dedicated hardware device. But they are accessible through the Internet and are stored in the cloud. Their huge advantage is that they provide work independent from place and can be scaled easily. They are also widely available offer money-saving services and use solid storage methods. Furthermore, they provide opportunities to synchronize our applications and devices.

One type of these cloud computing technologies is the cloud based storage service. In this case the provider such as Dropbox, Microsoft (Skydrive), Google (GoogleDrive) or Box provides storage on its own servers and it offers a variety of services like file-sharing for users and version handling. Almost everyone of us uses or has used one of the offers of the above mentioned providers either in their private or professional life. All solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The topic of my master thesis is developing a desktop and an online client that gives us the opportunity to use the solutions of the above mentioned providers from the same interface. With the help of these clients we can benefit from the advantages of different platforms and handling our files becomes more convenient. Moreover, we can see and use the storages of different providers collectively. In addition, I had insight into the working method of certain platforms and capacity. I could also become familiar with the differences of the provided services.


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