Building a Windows Phone App to search and play audio books

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main goal of this thesis is the presentation and emplacement of Windows Phone operating system taking into consideration the supported functionalities and technological solutions facing the other mobile platforms.

In the first chapters, there are presented as individual topics the development of preceding operating systems and the main demands considering the platform developers in connection with embedded systems. Through these topics, the reader obtains proper informations about the main importance of the diversity of operating systems, furthermore the necessity of aware regarding limited hardware-resource design.

Seeing the development path of the whole system, there are presented the obvious reasons of designing new functions and platform versions. The diversity of platform versions suiting embedded systems requires the presentation of a complex comparison on Android and Windows Phone operating systems, being the one of the most determinative systems of nowadays mobile environment.

The second chapter offers details on the development steps regarding the audiobook player application applied in the thesis form. There are presented the services and the tools supported by the SDK tool, futhermore the most important control items introduced by the Mango version of Windows Phone 7.

The thesis puts accent on the presentation of system specific solutions on designing special user interfaces by using the grammar of XAML declarative language, and the importance and usability of databinding between business code and user interface definitions. Being developed a media application, the last chapters presents the solutions on creating background tasks and media player functionalities, offering the most friendly approach on dealing with limited resources.


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