Challenges of initialtive communication with citizens

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My goal was the planning and implementation of an ideaportal which triggers initiative communication. The realized homepage collects the ideas and suggestions of the users in connection with the government and the public services. The portal also enables the users to evaluate the ideas of others. Later these votes are processed and valued by the system and the most popular thoughts are displayed.

In order to find out the means and ends of making a public service homepage more attractive and user-friendly; and for the thorough, detailed elaboration of my webpage I made a small market research. Later, during the development process the ideas acquired from the research proved to be rather handy.

In case of initiative communication the participating users require basic services. Among these expectations the most important is anonymity. The webpage was developed in a way so that the users are not required to identify themselves.

In order to enable the users to evaluate and compare each other’s ideas it is essential to provide them with adequate information.

The purpose of implementing different filter mechanisms was to provide the users with more comfortable experience. As tremendous amount of information is available, the filtering system is the tools for narrowing the amount to a level adoptable for the users.


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