Developing a General Purpose Controller from Smarthphone

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Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowdays, most of the mobile phones are smart phones at which ones the developed

software platform can allows of writing programs not only by phone producer but by

anybody who has got knowledge of programming and who can acquire the developing

methods of the given software platform.

The goal of my essay is to show the facilities and specialities of the smart phones, the prevalent software programs and opportunities of the application development on them, which help writing such programs on the phones which over the simply phone functions and the services of the producer and services by mobile supplier, ensures unique application opportunities for the user.

In the first part of my essay, I would like to review the technologies of the mobile phones for the reader. In the second part, I am going to review the specialities and procession of the application which was made by an Android platform.

The already working realises a general goal controller function . Its main parameter

is that it communicates with computer by Bluetooth connection and accomplishing certain operations by data change. It can be such operation as the controlling (substitution) of the mouse and board with mobile, file transfer, actuation of the given program, its attendancing and closuring.

The suitable program has to run on the computer, which program receives and processes the commands have been sent by mobile. I have made this program in the .NET framework , because my aim is mobile control for computers running Windows Operating System. 


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