Component development based on Angular 2 framework

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In this thesis I review those frameworks and their roles that are used in the development of the modern web applications. The investigation is mainly focused on the Angular 2 framework, which was compared to Angular 1.x in more details than the others, as well as the Typescript language is introduced with its possibilities and limits.

To understand in depths Angular 2, I developed a data-grid like component based on the Typescript language and a build system which is required to deliver a production-ready widget with its build tasks. The goal of it was to analyze the possibilities of the build system libraries and their task automation capabilities in both local and remote systems. In addition, unit- and systemtest (end-to-end) libraries were investigated and also used for testing.

Besides the implementation of the component and its build environment, a test system was also configured for benchmarking. During these performance tests, the three frameworks (Angular 1.x, Angular 2, ReactJs) were tested from different point of views and their different usage in two different browser versions.


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