Flow Simulation with DirectX11

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The theme of this thesis is fluids or gases flow simulation and visualization on computers. The flow simulation is a computation heavy problem, and the typical approaches falls into two section. The first approach is trying to achieve a believable visualization as fast as it can, and doesn’t care about the physical precision. The other approach is trying to achieve as accurate physical compute as it can, but the computation time is not matter. I wanted to implement a real time flow simulation which meet at halfway of the previously presented approaches.

The user with the implemented application will be capable to setup a simulation field with predefined models. The simulation will be traceable visually at real time.

The application uses DirectX11, and I chose C# as programming language. The simulation and visualization will run on the graphic card.

This thesis will covers the physics of the fluid dynamics, the video card, and its general purpose programming. Will show how the fluid like amorphous materials can be visualized in computer graphics.

The thesis will summarize the hardware requirements and the computation speed of the implemented application too.


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