Exchange Rate Application in Windows 8

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

It is highly important for large companies to serve their clients in as many ways as possible. In order to do so, it is inevitable to represent themselves on the platforms of smartphones and tablets, including the Windows 8, which is considered to be the newest operating system.

The Windows 8’s Modern UI was created by Microsoft in order to stop the decreasing tendency of the PC market and to be able to run the same system on both tablets and personal computers. The next step is to solve the interoperability between the mobil and the desktop systems. The basic principles of that are already available, so during my thesis I examined it particularly.

Magyar Telekom recognized that the users should be satisfied on all platforms, so as on Windows 8. My task was to measure what kind of application should be done first, one that fulfills the most important principles, such as client requests, similar applications, the ratings of Telekom’s apps in other platforms and development time. The choice was to make an exchange rate application, which I developed by myself.

The Árfolyamok application manages the central rate of the most important currencies with daily refresh. Among the following of the changes, an exchange unit is also implemented. For the better overview, the currencies can be compared to each other graphically, even of the results of the last ten years. The source of the data is the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

The point of my thesis is to demonstrate the platform, its main features and the process of the development through my Árfolyamok application.


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