Handling authentication on web and mobile platforms with a common code base

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As the web application and mobile platform based software development getting more and more common the need for this kind of application development is increasing. The main concern about this type of application development are the security and the cost efficiency. To solve this problems there are various methods which are widely used one of this solutions is the hybrid web application development. The hybrid mobile applications are the kind of web applications which were developed for the web but with the use of third party libraries it can be easily migrated to a desired mobile platform. The hybrid applications can rely on the server side code base and meanwhile they can provide an easy solution for mobile development. The security is getting more important in this kind of environments and the need for proper authentication and authorization methods are increasing. One of the thesis core purpose is to examine the appropriate authentication and authorization methods for this environment and then evaluate each possibility. To show this technologies i will use a simple forum application. The web application development can rely all kinds of technologies, from this technologies the application will use RESTful which is getting more attention nowadays. From the used authentication methods the basic, form based, programmed and Oath are explained in detail. All of this methods have their given purpose but they are lacking when it comes to the usage in RESTful environments. Basically we can say that the Oath and the technology behind it is the most suitable solution for this problem. While the other examined solutions only partly or not at all could achieve the requirements of the environment and the specification.


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