Development of Automotive Electronics Modules

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My diploma work was development of automotive electronics modules. Inside this I created lap time modules based on infra time measurnig method. It contains infra transmitter and infra receiver together with power supplying and configuring modules. This modules will be much bigger device family members that can communicate each other in common bus system. My task was also to improve this bus conception.

In the first chapter of my diploma work I will show the alternative solution of lap time measuring, explain the infra lap time mesuring method competent in details. The next chapter I will review the same products properties that currently available in the market.

An introductory chapter deals with the development of professional electronic products, wich will be guideline in the remainder time of design. In the hardware design section I examine the various components of the sizing issue, the problem of power and sinal integrity and many more design rules. In the connection chapter between the hardware and software design I present the communication bus consideration. In the rest of my diploma work I deal with the software developing, first the embedded next the client side programs.


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