Automation of an automotive assembly station

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of the thesis is the design of the electrical plans of an automotive assembly station and the software development of its logic controller and human-machine interface. As a part of a manufacturing line, the station is used for assemling the front bumper of a Jaguar SUV.

The thesis presents the construction of the station, the function of its elements and the assemlby process, along with the customer specifications. Then electrical plans for the power infeed, light current circuits, safety systems and PLC IO-connections are detailed.

The second part of the thesis exposes the software components developed both for the PLC controlling the semi-automatic assembly process and the HMI used as operator interface. Modules responsible for adequate handling of sensor readings, control of vacuum fastening of parts and screwdriver control as well as safety-related functions are presented in details. As automatic part identification plays an important role in the assembly process, functions for barcode-processing are also detailed, as well as the HMI screens guiding the operator during the assemlby and allowing parameter modifications for authorized users.


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