Automatic camera focusing control unit development

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It is very important to determinate the correct focus distance and make good quality pictures by modern high-quality and high-resolution cameras. The automatic lens control system is designed to change to the manual focusing of the cameras, which currently used in the film industry. This reduced costs and the jobs can be done faster. This system can automatically control the focusing method and helps to make a good recording of high-resolution cameras. The task of the control system is to collect the distance information from the sensor, to calculate the correct lens settings, which makes a correct picture for the camera. The controller is a part of a camera focusing system, which contain distance measure sensors and optic motors. The result is the always good picture for the camera. The user can use it with any lens, thanks to the calibration method. This calibration method can determinate the focus curve of any lens. The other task of the controller is to give information for the user about the parameters of the focusing.


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