Implementation of the Management Interface of an Automated Repository System

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In these times of the world, when evervody is surrounded by a lot of automatic engine system, we also have to pay a huge attention to plan the most effective automatic system and produce theirs interface. The interface has to be user-friendly as well, because even if the automatic system works perfectly it may not enough to use the whole system easily.

The theme of these dissertation is the creation of a full automatic supervisory interface system for a medicinefactory. The Gamma Digital Kft. is developing this project. A few employee working on this program therefore I describe in details those parts of the project what was my action and responsibility. Althoug I am presenting the whole project, so reason that the reciever can get a complet understanding of the whole application.

The dissertation is starting with a little technology description, which is an introduction about the developer environment of my program. The following part is the major side of the factory and the most important processing Then I specify the requirement after that I talk about the program planning procces. The next part is the realization, where I describe how I could manage to do the program’s element, how I could assign property to the element and finally these things how shows up in the interface. I go along with the important part and I specify the program essential ideias and processing.

After all of this, I line up the expeciences of the test. In the very end comes the evaluation of my work and I propound some potential developing opportunity


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