Automated UI testing on WPF

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the spreading of the more advanced and resourceful computers, became the softwares is more complex too. This increase in complexity demands more attention to the quality assurance of the developed softwares. While there are mature flows and procedures to test the business intelligence and separate components of an application automatically, the testing of the user interface is not trivial.

The aim of the MSc thesis is to get to know the possibilities of user interface testing, and to review the already existing testing tools. During the knowing process of the technologies, a user interface testing application is developed.

In the first part of the thesis the different types of testing and the existing methodologies are described. After that, a technological overview can be found, in which the technologies, which are used during the development of the application, are described. This includes for example MVVM design pattern and aspect oriented programming, with the tools which helps these to apply. Also the already existing testing tools, like TestComplete or Ranorex are described here too.

The created application is designed and implemented based on the experiences collected during the knowing of the relevant technologies and existing applications. The rest of the thesis contains the description of this application with the revealed problems and their solutions.


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