Development of automatic tester for a desk simulator device of an EBS/ABS braking system

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Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

As the technology grows, more and more complex electronic components are implemented in the commercial vehicles. The aim is to monitor the most esential informations and the main characteristics of the vehicle while createing an evaluation in real-time, which may be possible to eliminate the problem in case of an emergency, or to optimize the operation of the truck. In the modern commercial vehicles there are moste driving correctior safety systems

are located, such as the ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System), the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), or the - ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation). The ABS units strted to spread in 1981 in the European commercial vehivcles, while since 1991 the wole Europe regulates the aplication of the system. According to Knorr Bremse in case all the cars and buses were equipped with anti-lock braking system, then it could prevent 500 deaths and 2,500 injuries

in a year, which are due to road accidents.

These systems rely on the data of the inplemented electronic sensors of the vehicle, and based on this informations they interfere with the braking of the wheels or int he torques. This could be fo instance a sensor measuring the wheel speed, load or mechanical deformation of the shaft, the pressure in the pneumatic valves . The signals from the sensors are process to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) what it evaluates. The electric brake features are continuously developing, becoming more and more complex. During the new development much testing is required, which is more convenient to do so in a desktop-sized simulation environment.

A Lab Car, which provides a totally life-like environment for the ECU making itt o belive it is in a real truck. The soul of the Lab Car is the Sim Card (simulator card). This device produces the analog and digital signals of the sensors and therefore it can duplicate any kind of life situation for the ECU. In my dissertation I have created a system which can automaticly examineof the eletronic of the new manufactured simulator cards and determine that the device is working incorrectly, and if so, can reveal the location of the fault. The present document intoduces all the pre-requisited knowledge, and it describes detailed the steps in the planning process and the implementation of the complete system.


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