Development of an automated integration test systems for CAN and LIN communication

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I am working on the development of a communication test for a real unit used in automotive electronics. First I introduce the basics of testing techniques according to the ISTQB recommendations. After that, I outline the main communication networks used in automotive industry: the CAN and LIN bus systems. I describe the communication system of the specific car, and within that, the tasks and functions of the body computer. The test developed by me checks the communication of the body computer, so I also introduce the software modules realizing this communication.

The automated tests are highly important in the development processes. These tests are executed many times, a manual test is time consuming, has a big resource demand, and a big risk of human mistakes. In my thesis I show the hardware and software environment used for the test development, such as the CANoe software and in connection with it, the basics of the CAPL programming language.

For the implemented test cases I define the steps of their execution, and the defects they can find. Some of the test cases are based on the CAN and LIN network description databases. For processing these files I developed a PERL based script. The user-friendly execution of the test cases is supported by the ergonomic control panel of the automatic test. A report is generated by the test software from the executed steps and their results.


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