Control system of an automated grinding machine

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Industrial control systems supplemented with one or more robotic arms are getting more and more widespread nowadays. With the use of a robotic arm a higher degree of flexibility is achievable both in the design and the operation of the system. Robotic arms are also possible to use in situations where human labour is overly harmful, dangerous or even impossible.

Given these advantages a system like this is not easier to implement. Only certain tasks get higher priority in the design process. A good example for this is the control of said robotic arm, because it has to recieve information from somewhere about the state of the production line, the parameters of the manufactured product and the current phase of the manufacturing process. A PLC controller installed next to the robotic arm provides a solution to these issues. It is able to control the production line, the robotic arm and also provide it with the necessary information.

With these considerations a robotised grinding system (the topic of this Bsc thesis) has been constructed at the industrial site of RÁBA Járműipari Holding Nyrt..

The goal of this Bsc thesis is to implement the control system of the aforementioned grinder with the help of PLC units, control the robotic arm (provided and programmed by a third party) as a slave device and to conduct tests on the finished system.


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